Information on the supply of respiratory masks

In this difficult situation we would like to help those who take care of us in an emergency: doctors and medical nursing staff, first responders and the staff in pharmacies.

We have been in direct contact with our partner in China for years and produce large quantities of KN95 (FFP2) respirator masks and single-use surgical masks (BFE95) in his factory.

Thanks to intensive negotiations with material suppliers, we were able to reduce production costs and have sufficient raw material available. The production capacity has been increased, at the moment we are producing 50,000 KN95 and 500,000 BFE95 respirator masks every day.

The masks are tested according to the CE / EN149 standard and approved by the FDA (we are happy to provide certificates and test reports!), are manufactured under sterile conditions and packaged in a protective atmosphere.

We strive to keep the prices as low as possible for healthcare personnel. That is why we are in daily contact with transport service providers to ensure fast and cost-effective delivery worldwide.